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India  carbazole violet pigment 23   Carbazole Violet Pigment 23 from India

Case Number:   A-533-838

Anniversary Month: December

Preliminary Rates:

Alpanil Industries - 71.74%


The merchandise covered by the order is carbazole violet pigment 23 identified as Color Index No. 51319 and Chemical Abstract No. 6358–30–1, with the chemical name of diindolo [3,2–b:3’,2’- m] triphenodioxazine, 8,18–dichloro–5, 15–diethy–5,15–dihydro-, and molecular formula of C34H22Cl2,N4O2.1 The subject merchandise includes the crude pigment in any form (e.g., dry powder, paste, wet cake) and finished pigment in the form of presscake and dry color. Pigment dispersions in any form (e.g., pigments dispersed in oleoresins, flammable solvents, water) are not included within the scope of this order.

The merchandise subject to this order is classifiable under subheading 3204.17.9040 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS). Although the HTSUS subheading is provided for convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the scope of the order is dispositive. 
                                                                                                                             History | Current Rates

Alpanil Industries hit with increase to 71.74% antidumping duty rate in preliminary results of antidumping duty of the antidumping duty order on carbazole violet pigment-23 from India, affecting December 1, 2007, through November 30, 2008 entries
On December 22, 2009, the U.S. Department of Commerce published its Preliminary Results of the antidumping duty administrative review of carbazole violet pigment-23 from India.  The Department of Commerce preliminary determined that Alpanil Industries was selling carbazole violet pigment-23 at less than its fair value in the United States.  The preliminary rate calculated for Alpanil was 71.74%.  If this rate is unchaged in the final, the Department of Commerce will order the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to liquidate entries at this rate, as adjusted for countervailing duties on export subsidies.  Importers will be billed for the difference between the rate deposited at entry and the final rate -- plus interest.

DOC Determinations:
Investigation:  Initiation | Prelim | Final | Order
Admin Review 05-06: Initiation | Prelim | Final
Admin Review 06-07: Initiation | Prelim | Final
Admin Review 07-08: Initiation | Prelim

Current Rates:

Alpanil Industries -- 66.59%
Pidilite Industries Limited -- 66.59%
All Others -- 44.80%


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