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the People's Republic of China  citric acid and certain citrate salts   Citric Acid and Certain Citrate Salts from China

Case Number:   C–570–938

Anniversary Month: May




The scope of these orders includes all grades and granulation sizes
of citric acid, sodium citrate, and potassium citrate in their
unblended forms, whether dry or in solution, and regardless of
packaging type. The scope also includes blends of citric acid, sodium
citrate, and potassium citrate; as well as blends with other
ingredients, such as sugar, where the unblended form(s) of citric acid,
sodium citrate, and potassium citrate constitute 40 percent or more, by
weight, of the blend. The scope of these orders also includes all forms
of crude calcium citrate, including dicalcium citrate monohydrate, and
tricalcium citrate tetrahydrate, which are intermediate products in the
production of citric acid, sodium citrate, and potassium citrate. The
scope of these orders does not include calcium citrate that satisfies
the standards set forth in the United States Pharmacopeia and has been
mixed with a functional excipient, such as dextrose or starch, where
the excipient constitutes at least 2 percent, by weight, of the
product. The scope of these orders includes the hydrous and anhydrous
forms of citric acid, the dihydrate and anhydrous forms of sodium
citrate, otherwise known as citric acid sodium salt, and the
monohydrate and monopotassium forms of potassium citrate. Sodium
citrate also includes both trisodium citrate and monosodium citrate,
which are also known as citric acid trisodium salt and citric acid
monosodium salt, respectively. Citric acid and sodium citrate are
classifiable under 2918.14.0000 and 2918.15.1000 of the Harmonized
Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), respectively. Potassium
citrate and crude calcium citrate are classifiable under 2918.15.5000
and 3824.90.9290 of the HTSUS, respectively. Blends that include citric
acid, sodium citrate, and potassium citrate are classifiable under
3824.90.9290 of the HTSUS. Although the HTSUS subheadings are provided
for convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the
merchandise is dispositive.
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Current Rates:

Exporter Rate
TTCA Co., Ltd. (a.k.a. Shandong TTCA Biochemistry Co., Ltd.) 12.68%
Yixing Union Biochemical Co., Ltd.; and Yixing Union Cogeneration
Co., Ltd.
Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd. 118.95%
All-Others 8.14%


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