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 The People's Republic of China  
Brake Rotors From the People’s Republic of China

Case Number:   A-570-846

Anniversary Month: month


PRC-wide Rate-43.32%


The products covered by this order
are brake rotors made of gray cast iron,
whether finished, semifinished, or
unfinished, ranging in diameter from 8
to 16 inches (20.32 to 40.64 centimeters)
and in weight from 8 to 45 pounds (3.63
to 20.41 kilograms). The size parameters
(weight and dimension) of the brake
rotors limit their use to the following
types of motor vehicles: automobiles,
all-terrain vehicles, vans and
recreational vehicles under ‘‘one ton
and a half,’’ and light trucks designated
as ‘‘one ton and a half.’’

Finished brake rotors are those that
are ready for sale and installation
without any further operations. Semifinished rotors are those on which the surface is not entirely smooth, and has undergone some drilling. Unfinished
rotors are those which have undergone
some grinding or turning.

These brake rotors are for motor
vehicles, and do not contain in the
casting a logo of an original equipment
manufacturer (OEM) which produces
vehicles sold in the United States (e.g.,
General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Honda,
Toyota, Volvo). Brake rotors covered in
this investigation are not certified by
OEM producers of vehicles sold in the
United States. The scope also includes
composite brake rotors that are made of
gray cast iron, which contain a steel plate, but otherwise meet the above
criteria. Excluded from the scope of the
order are brake rotors made of gray cast
iron, whether finished, semifinished, or
unfinished, with a diameter less than 8
inches or greater than 16 inches (less
than 20.32 centimeters or greater than
40.64 centimeters) and a weight less
than 8 pounds or greater than 45 pounds
(less than 3.63 kilograms or greater than
20.41 kilograms).

Brake rotors are classifiable under
subheading 8708.39.5010 of the HTSUS.
Although the HTSUS subheading is
provided for convenience and customs
purposes, our written description of the
scope of this investigation is dispositive.
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On February 28, 1997, the U.S. Department of Commerce published the Final Results (an amended Final Results followed) of its antidumping duty administrative review of Brake Rotors from China.  The Department of Commerce determined that prespondents listed below were dumping brake  rotors in the United States.  The Department of Commerce calculated rates of 3.56%-16.07% for brake rotors prespondents.
CAIEC & Laizhou CAPCO/Laizhou CAPCO.,Shenyang & Laizhou/Shenyang or Laizhou., Xinjiang/Zibo Botai Manufacturing Co.Ltd. got Excluded.


DOC Determinations: Initiation | Prelim | Prelim 2 | Amended Prelim | Final | Amended Final
New Shipper Review 1997 : Initiation | Prelim | Final
New Shipper Review 96-98: Initiation | Prelim | Rescission
Administrative Review 96-98: Initiation | Prelim | Final
New Shipper Review 98-99: Initiation | Prelim | Final
Administrative Review 98-99: Prelim | Final
New Shipper Review 99-00: Initiation | Prelim | Final
Administrative Review 99-00: Rescission | Final Rescission
Changed Circumstance Review 99-00: Initiation & Prelim | Final
New Shipper Review 2000: Initiation | Prelim | Final

Current Rates:

Brake Rotors
Producer/Exporter Rate
Yantai Import & Export Corporation. 3.56%
Southwest Technical Import & Export Corporation,Yangtze Machinery Corporation, and MMB International, Inc. 16.07%
Hebei Metals and Machinery Import & Export Corporation. 8.51%
Jilin Provincial Machinery& Equipment Import & Export Corp. 8.51%
Jiuyang Enterprise Corporation. 8.51%
Longjing Walking Tractor Works Foreign Trade Import & Export Corporation 8.51%
Qingdao Metals, Minerals & MachineryImport & Export Corp. 8.51%
Shanxi Machinery and Equipment Import & Export Corporation. 8.51%
Xianghe Zichen Casting Corporation. 8.51%
Yenhere Corporation 8.51%
PRC-wide Rate    43.32%



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